Word monitoring

The materials in the word monitoring demo are based on those used by Marslen-Wilson, Brown & Tyler (1988) - see section 8.7 in the textbook. The four versions are as in the following example, where the word being listened for is hole and the 'violation' gets more severe as you go down the list).

The bears were digging a hole in the sand
241 msec
Pragmatic violation
The bears were drawing a hole in the sand
268 msec
Selection restriction violation
The bears were playing a hole in the sand
291 msec
Subcategorisation violation
The bears were crouching a hole in the sand
320 msec

The average word monitoring responses reflected the severity of the violation, showing how the interpretation of the context sentence can affect word recognition.

Marslen-Wilson, W. D., Brown, C., & Tyler, L. (1988). Lexical representations in language comprehension. Language and Cognitive Processes, 3(1), 1-16.