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About Introducing Psycholinguistics

Introducing Psycholinguistics is a textbook published in 2012 by Cambridge University Press in their series Cambridge Introductions to Language and Linguistics (ISBN:9780521130561)

Advance praise: 'An engaging and impressively comprehensive view of psycholinguistics that will provide an excellent introduction for the novice reader, and inform the advanced reader as well. Lucid, balanced and thorough.' Shari R. Speer, Ohio State University

'A clear and digestible introduction to the field of psycholinguistics which illustrates the major research findings and carefully explains their relevance for theories of language processing. Starting from scratch, the book guides us through the psychology of language with engaging experimental demonstrations, web resources, and practical exercises.' Nick Ellis, University of Michigan

'An invaluable text for any student of psycholinguistics. Students will appreciate the concise chapter introductions and summaries, lists of key terms and online materials. Best of all, Introducing Psycholinguistics takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on evidence from classic and recent studies and placing it within current linguistic theory.' Diane Nelson, University of Leeds

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Cambridge Introductions to Language and Linguistics

This textbook series provides students and their teachers with accessible introductions to the major subjects encountered within the study of language and linguistics. Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, the textbooks are written and designed for ease of use in the classroom or seminar. Each book offers the ideal introductory material for each subject, presenting students with an overview of the main topics encountered in their course, and feature a glossary of useful terms, chapter previews and summaries, suggestions for further reading, and helpful exercises.

About Paul Warren

Paul Warren is Professor of Linguistics in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

email: paul.warren "at" vuw.ac.nz

This website

This website provides materials to accompany Introducing Psycholinguistics, including an on-line glossary, solutions to problems in the textbook, audio and video materials relevant to the text, demonstration examples of frequently-used experimental tasks, and other resources.

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