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Tips if you can't get the experiments working

Key-presses: Some of the experiments require key-press input. Firefox has a feature that interprets key-presses as part of a search sequence, so you may need to disable the 'quick find' feature to stop this from interfering with your key-press input. To do this, go in Firefox to Tools>Options>Advanced: General: Accessibility, and make sure the entry "Search for text when I start typing" is UNchecked

Up- and downloads: If you are using the 'o' option (where available) to upload your own stimuli in an experiment, then you will need to make sure that Flash is installed and active (e.g. set Shockwave Flash to 'Always Activate' in the Add-ons Manager in Firefox). Similarly, the option to download your results will not appear at the end of an experiment if Flash is not active.

Audio, video: If you are having difficulty playing video or audio files, try the following:
Firefox: you may need to downgrade Adobe Flash Player to 10.3 (see here)
IE: you may need to upgrade Adobe Active X (see here)

If you have other problems, please use the Contact link to email me, giving as much information as you can about what you were doing, what didn't work, what OS and browser (including version) you were using, what error message (if any) you got, etc.