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Use this option to revise your knowledge and understanding of psycholinguistics terms. You can revise in two main ways by choosing one of the sub-menu options on the left:

  • Select "show all" to view all terms.
  • Select "by topic" to concentrate on a particular topic.

By term, definition or example

After selecting one of the two options you will be asked to specify whether your want to revise by term, by definition or by example. If you choose to revise by term, you can input your own definitions for the terms displayed. If you select revision by definition or example, you will need to think of a term which fits the description.

Revision Order

You can also choose to go through the flashcards following the default teaching order, alphabetically or randomly. Note that if you select the alphabetic ordering under "show all" then some terms will be repeated, as they are linked to more than one teaching area.