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This menu option lets you view and look up psycholinguistics terms. To go to the psycholinguistics glossary select one of the following options:

  • Select "show all" on the left to show all the terms for your course one by one.

  • Select "by topic" to view terms for a topic from the course topic list.

  • The third option, "choose from list" provides you with the full list of terms organised by topics. Use this option to start browsing the glossary from a particular term.

  • Select "search" if you are looking for a particular term.

Viewing Order

When you are in the Glossary mode you can choose to view terms alphabetically or randomly, or using the default order, teaching, which corresponds approximately with the order in which terms are introduced in Introducing Psycholinguistics.
Note that currently if you select the alphabetic ordering under "show all" then some terms will be repeated, as they are linked to more than one teaching area.