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Visual word recognition

Visual lexical decision

The first two demonstrations use the lexical decision task.
At the end of the sequence a feedback screen gives you some information about your performance. You will also be able to save the individual results to a csv file on your computer for opening in programmes like Excel. (Note: you will need to have Flash active for up- and downloads. See "Tips" under EXPERIMENTS above.)
Pressing the space bar when the feedback screen is displayed will start a new sequence with the same stimuli, but in a different random order.
The third demonstration uses a different experimental task.

Click on the test name below to start a test.
Simple word-nonword The first task in this set simply measures the relative speed and accuracy of 'word' versus 'nonword' responses.

Word frequency In this task some of the words are more common words than some of the others. Which do you expect to be able to recognise more quickly?

Progressive Demasking In this task a word or nonword is gradually exposed from behind a mask